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DIY Ring Toss

Toys Toys Toys.
We love playing with toys.
Think about this though. You buy a toy, it’s not cheap, and your child plays with it for a couple weeks. Then while cleaning your child’s room you find said toy shoved into a corner under the bed. Or behind the couch. Or broken. Sound familiar?

This doesn’t deter me from buying my little princess toys, but it motivates me to make toys also.
We made this Ring Toss from recycled paper towel roll, paper plates, painters tape, and some paint. It cost me pennies. So when it gets ripped or tossed to the side it doesn’t make me cringe.

Making toys also gives my daughter a sense of satisfaction. She helped create something of substance and the smile on her face beams with pride. It makes me feel accomplished to know that I encouraged this feeling for her.

Ring Toss Step 2

This homemade ring toss was incredibly easy! I used 5 paper plates. I helped her paint the outside ring of the plate. I put tape all around the outside of the paper towel roll. It could be painted but I wanted to give it a little more strength.

Ring Toss Pole

I used an upside down funnel to hold the paper towel roll so that it can be used as the pole for the ring toss. I got it at the dollar store and it worked perfect.

DIY Ring Toss

She tossed the rings over and over for well over an hour. This ring toss was a fun project to create & even more fun to play with. And when she gets bored in a week or two or if the rings get ripped..It’s No Big Deal!


We would love to see your version of a DIY Ring Toss. If you and your little ones make one share it with us on Facebook or Instagram.


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