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I remember, as a child, playing ‘pretend’ with my sister almost every day. School and house were my favorites but we had fun across the board. Pretend play is incredibly important for children. Encouraging imagination and creativity to growing empathy for other people. It is hands down an essential part of childhood.


Quick & Easy Pirate Dress Up - Make Pirate Eye Patch & Pirate Vest from Old T-Shirt. Tutorial. DIY Halloween Costume. DIY Dress Up Clothes.

I enjoy making toys for my daughter. We also made these fabulous Super Hero Cuffs. On this particular day we decided to be pirates. We had a handheld telescope but not an outfit. She insisted that she needed an outfit.

I found an old t-shirt and with only a few other supplies I created a Pirate Dress Up Vest & Eye Patch. It literally took me MAYBE a half hour from start to finish, including taking pictures.

Supplies Needed Pirate Vest & Eye Patch: 

Old T-Shirt
Small Piece of Felt 
Needle & Thread

Quick & Easy Pirate Vest


How To Make: Pirate Vest

{Step One} Lay t-shirt flat and cut along top of the sleeve, collar, about 3/4 up from the bottom across, and down the middle. Check out this picture below to see what I mean.


Pirate Vest - Cut Lines

{Step Two}After the cuts, the main part of the t-shirt that is left is your vest.
{Step Three} I cut the bottom to look frayed and tattered.
{Step Four} Done.

 Quick & Easy Pirate Eye Patch


How To Make Pirate Eye Patch:

{Step One} Take collar from t-shirt and make one cut so that it will lay out flat.
{Step Two} Measure collar strip to child’s head.
{Step Three} Cut piece of felt in shape of eye patch.
{Step Four} Sew felt to middle of collar strip.
{Step Five} Done.

I even took the extra piece of t-shirt from the bottom and tied it around my daughters head for a bandanna type hat.


She loved it. She was a pirate all day. Being able to make little things like this makes me so happy as a mom. It makes my daughters day, barely took any time, and it was extremely inexpensive. Perfect!



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