Festive Fall Art made with Homemade Potato Stamps 13

Pumpkin & Leaf Potato Stamps


We are slowly starting to do Fall themed projects so that we can grow our Fall decor in our home. Of course I buy some things, but I absolutely love decorating with our own creations.

Our Fall Potato Stamps were inspired by Crafty Morning and the Potato Print Owl Craft For Kids post. Her owls are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!

I thought it would be fun to do pumpkins and leaves. I could surely cut those shapes outof a sliced potato right? Well it took longer than I thought (my perfectionism kicked in) but it was well worth it. We had so much fun!

I took a potatoes that were on the brink of going bad because they were a little softerand easier to manipulate. I also used a sharp knife. I traced the desired shape with the tip of my knife and then basically shaved away the excess.


pumpkin stamps


You could do any shape that your heart desires really. For this particular project we did a pumpkin & two types of leaves.
After I got the shapes cut out of the potatoes, I used a foam paint brush to put paint on the stamp and stamped on the card stock paper. 

What kind of paint did we use? Crayola Washable Kids Paint of course. Our absolute favorite!

For my daughter I painted the tree trunk and then handed it over for her to do as she wished.


Pumpkin & Leaf Potato Stamps - Child's Masterpiece


Once they are dry I plan to put a few in frames to display during the Fall season. These potato stamps were defiantly an easy way to add a splash of our own Fall creations into our home.



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