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Gobble Gobble!

Crafting is one of my favorite things about holidays. Handcrafting decorations & gifts.
It’s usually cold outside, so I would much rather stay inside.
What is better than a good movie or music on and being surrounded by craft supplies?

My daughter is starting to have the same great ideas as me. The end of the day is rolling near. Dinner is cleaned up and were starting to settle in for the night and she asks if we can do a craft. My heart swells with pride!

I always ask her what she wants to do, meaning what medium she would like to use. For example paint, markers, or scissors & glue. Then I lightly direct her the rest of the way. If we are working toward something specific I will make one too so she can see how I do it. Whether she chooses to do it the same way is up to her.


watercolor and coffee filter turkey - play dough & popsicles

This watercolor & coffee filter turkey craft was super fun mixing structure and abstract in one. 

Supplies Needed: 

Coffee Filters
Food Coloring & Water (Or Liquid Water Colors)
Eye Dropper (Or Paint Brush)
Construction Paper: Brown, Red, White, & Orange
Glue Stick
Turkey Template

I didn’t have any liquid water color so I used food coloring and water.
I mixed the two until I got the autumnal colors I wanted.
I flattened the coffee filters, gave my daughter the eye dropper, and let her drop whatever color she wished wherever she wanted to on the coffee filter. The color spreads as it is dropped on, so they mix together easy.

I cut out the shapes for the turkey (You can print THIS template for the shapes of the turkey: Watercolor Turkey Template ) and let her glue them on. Let the coffee filters dry before trying to glue or the turkey won’t stay glued to the filter.

This was such a simple and fun craft and it turned out amazing.
I am going to frame the two my daughter made so that we can preserve them for Thanksgiving decorations for years to come.

Print This Turkey Template To Help Make Your Watercolor Turkey: Watercolor Turkey Template

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