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Winnie The Pooh day is on January 18th this year (2016). This is celebrated on the birthday of not only the author & creator of the famous Winnie The Pooh collection, but has also been noted as a literary genius. This Special Quote That I Hung In My Daughter’s Room is one that resonates with me, as a parent.

I want my daughter to feel like she can accomplish anything. Life is going to throw curve balls, but if she believes she can and she tries, she can be on top of the world. This doesn’t mean she is going to be President or find a cure for a deadly disease, or even be known for anything illustrious. That is not the only definition of success. You know that feeling, when you are super motivated and pumped to accomplish something? I want her to feel that for life in general. I want her to celebrate her accomplishments, no matter how small. She is brave, she is strong, and she truly is loved more than she will ever know, more than I can even find the words to describe.

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Free Printable A.A. Milne Quote - You Are Stronger Than You Seem. Braver Than You Believe. and Loved More Than You'll Ever Know - Free Printable from Play Dough & Popsicles

A.A. Milne apparently did not write the Winnie The Pooh collection for children. He wrote them for adults, so we could remember the child within us. Maybe this art being hung on my daughter’s wall isn’t only for her. Maybe it is for me too. To remember that, although I am an adult and I have an unrelenting list of responsibilities, I too can be a child right along side my daughter. Life is short, be who you are, take things with stride, learn from your mistakes and know that remembering the child inside you is part of your role as an adult.

I used a canvas to display the printed out quote. It was a very simple process and looks stunning on her wall.

Free Printable & Tutorial- AA Milne Quote I hung in my little girl's room using canvas.

Materials Used for Special Quote I Hung On My Daughter’s Wall:

Blank 8×10 Canvas
Acrylic Paint
2 Sponge Paint Brushes

Washi tape
Matte Modge Podge
Plain White Paper


The process I used is so easy. I painted the canvas and let it dry.
I printed the quote off on plain white paper, then cut it down to size.
When the canvas was dry, I used washi tape to secure the paper with the quote onto the canvas.
I used a thin layer of Matte Modge Podge to seal it. When that was dry I hung it in my daughter’s room.

Easy yet such a sweet piece of art for my daughter’s room!

I created this printable to hang in my daughter’s room, but I would love to share it with you. If you would like to print it also simply click below and it will be sent to your inbox. Once there you can choose between the sizes 5×7 or 8×10.

Free Printable of A.A. Milne's Quote: You are Braver Than You Believe, Stronger Than You Seem, and Loved More Than You'll Ever Know. Free Printable from Play Dough & Popsicles



My daughter’s room is one of my favorites in the whole house. I am reliving the whimsical-ness of my childhood through her room. Check out her reading nook here:


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