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The capacity of my daughter’s memory blows me away sometimes. She can recall movie lines or songs only after a couple times of listening, she can recite the words to a story we have only read a handful of times, and so on. She surprises me all of the time. That being said, sometimes she has no desire to learn letters or sit down and practice anything learning related. Many kids are like this, it doesn’t worry me, but I knew I could find different activities that felt more like play than learning. This way she would be practicing letters without feeling like she is. Nothing wrong with being a little sly, right? This Stamps & Play Dough ABC Learning Activity is just that. Learning & Fun all in one.


Stamps & Play Dough ABC Learning Activity - Help practice letters and/or site words with fun activity. Great preschool learning activity.

One of my daughter’s favorite play medium is play dough. No better way to incorporate practicing letters than by using her favorite way to play.

Materials Needed for Stamps & Play Dough ABC Learning Activity 

Index Cards or Paper
Jar, Cup or Small Bucket
Play Dough
ABC Rubber Stamps (lowercase & uppercase)

How We Used Stamps & Play Dough for a ABC Learning Activity


Stamps and Play Dough ABC Learning Activity- practice sight words with play dough and stamps - preschool learning activity

I wrote short words on index cards. On one half I wrote it in uppercase and the other side I wrote it in lowercase.
I cut each card in half, folded them up, and put them in the jar.

Stamps and Play Dough ABC Learning Activity- practice sight words with play dough and stamps - preschool learning activity

Next we took a ball of play dough and smashed it flat.
With our rubber stamps all set out, she picked a card from the jar.

I had her say if the word was uppercase or lowercase, what each letter is, the sounds they make, and started to show her how to sound out the word. When she got all of that, she found the letter stamps that correlated and stamped the word into the play dough. {If you want a great recipe for hassell-free homemade

Stamp & Play Dough ABC Learning Play 4 - Play Dough & Popsicles

We did this for about 20 words before she started making rainbows out of play dough. I can’t complain!


Examples of Sight Words We Used: 


Learning must be difficult, especially for little kids who are bursting to play and burn some of their excess energy. Activities that incorporate play and learning are ones that my child responds to the best. It isn’t how or when a child learns, but that they do learn. Period.

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