Reader’s Favorite Baking Recipes from 2015

Cooking has been one of my hobbies {shall I say passions} for many years now. I enjoy experimenting with food and trying new things and even more I love when my ideas work and I make a dish that everyone loves. It makes me happy. Baking is just as exciting and gives me the same satisfaction, but it isn’t as easy for me.

See with cooking, it isn’t as crucial if you don’t add the exact amount of an ingredient. Or if you leave something out or replace it with something different. That is the exciting part of cooking for me!

Baking is different. Baking is more of a science than cooking. If you don’t add enough of one ingredient it probably won’t work. There are a few things that you can replace easily, apple sauce instead of oil, stevia instead of sugar, etc. But baking soda, baking, powder, flour, yeast, THEY ARE IMPORTANT.

So when I bake something and turns out the way it is supposed to, I feel even more excited. These are five of those baking recipes that turned out how they were supposed to. And these are the ones that you, the readers, liked the most according to Pinterest & Facebook. Let the countdown begin…


Best Baking Recipes of 2015 from Play Dough & Popsicles. Truffles, Cookies, & Cheesecake. Click to see recipes!

Reader’s Favorite Baking Recipes of 2015


  Readers Favorite Baking Recipes of 2015 from Play Dough & Popsicles - Cookies, Truffles, Cheesecake


{Number Five} Easy To Make Raspberry Filled Lemonade Truffles for Summer

  These are satisfyingly sweet yet refreshing when served cold.
They make the perfect treat for summer BBQs or birthdays!

Easy To Make Raspberry Jam filled Lemonade Truffles. Oreo truffles. Summer dessert.

{Number Four} Easy to Make: Pumpkin & Caramel Cheesecake Bites

  Nothing screams fall like pumpkin. Nothing screams delicious like cheesecake covered in caramel.
Put the two together and you have an absolutely delicious fall dessert that you can scream over!

Make at Home Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites topped with Caramel. Easy to make and easy to eat. Play Dough & Popsicles

{Number Three} Gloriously Dipped Sugar Cookie Sticks Recipe

  These Sugar Cookie Sticks are unanimously perfect for anything:
football parties, holidays, tuesday afternoon in the middle of august.
It doesn’t matter..they are delicious and pretty!   Sugar cookie sticks. Dipped in Wilton Melted Candy Coating. Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe. Decorate for any holiday, football party, or just because.

{Number Two} How To Bake The Worlds Best Mint Surprise Cookies

  This recipe has been a Christmas staple in my husbands family since he was a child.
I think they are perfect no matter what time of year. These are the best darn cookies in the world!

Mint Surprise Cookies - Yummy Soft Chewy Cookie with Chocolate and Mint center. Play Dough & Popsicles

{Number One} How-To Use One Cake Mix & Make Two Delicious Desserts

  It’s here people. Your favorite, and mine! One Cake Mix makes Two Of The Best Desserts Ever. Why are they the best? They take minutes to make. Not hours, not let chill in the fridge. MINUTES! They taste outrageously amazing and only cost a couple dollars to make! You’ll have to click to see how it’s done. I’ve shared all the secrets I can here.

One Cake Mix. Two Delicious Desserts. Only taking minutes to make and less than $10! Perfect dessert for any sweet tooth.


These recipes have all been delicious and fun to make. I still get just a little nervous when I bake but thankfully these all turned out. So if I can make them, so can you!!


I have joined with some other fantastic bloggers to share all of our favorite recipes of 2015, hosted by The Jenny Evolution. To see what they have shared click here. Believe me, this is a fabulous resource, with some great recipes!


The Years Most Popular Recipes, 2015. Excellent resource with fantastic recipes. Something for everyone.


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