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My daughter first watched a You Tube video of children playing with water beads. She quickly became obsessed and begged me to get her some. When I bought some for her, I didn’t realize all of the benefits they had. Yes, they are colorful, slimy, bouncy, and make for a lot of fun. They also make for a great base for sensory bins. We created this Magnetic Letter Search & Find Sight Word Sensory Bin. 
Fun? Check!
Practicing Letters & Sight Words? Check!
Little Girl Happy? Check!
Mom Happy? Double Check!


Magnetic Letter Search & Find Sensory Bin - Sight Word Activity, Sensory Bin, Non-food Sensory Bin, Water Beads, Magnetic Letters. Indoor activity. Preschool Activity.

Materials For Magnetic Letter Search & Find Sight Word Sensory Bin: 

Magnetic Chalk Board (See Our DIY Project Here)
Magnetic Letters
Water Beads

Magnetic Letter Search & Find Sensory Bin - Using DIY Magnetic Chalkboard, magnetic letters, and surprise sensory bin. Sight word practice activity. Preschool indoor activity.

Process For Magnetic Letter Search & Find Sight Word Sensory Bin: 

I dumped our water beads into a small metal baking dish. This amount is about water beads is about 2 oz of dry beads. I mixed in lowercase magnetic letters. It made the bin so colorful!

On the magnetic chalkboard I wrote three words. The first time was cat, red, & fun. Each time we did different words.

As she searched for the letters within the water beads bin, she checked if the letters matched any of the words. If the letter did match, she placed the letter underneath the corresponding letter. If not they went back into the box we store the letters in.

Once she matched all of the letters to the sight words, we started over.

She had so much fun and we practiced quite a few letters & words.


Sight Word Elements We Incorporated: 

Sound of each letter
Letter Recognition
Sounding Out Sight Word
Repeating Sight Word


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Magnetic Letter {Search & Find} Sensory Bin - Preschool ABC activity, Sensory Bin, Sight Word Activity

Magnetic letters can be a special tool for teaching young ones everything from letter recognition to practicing sight words and more. They are magnets, what’s not fun about them?!?

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