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Nutrition is so important for everyone to understand and apply to their every day lives. It can be difficult for children to abide by the ‘rules’. Especially when candy, cookies, & cake taste so good. I am one who can not ever resist a chewy, fudge brownie! I do love fruits and vegetables, though. The flavor of most is enjoyable to me. It’s not just something I HAVE to eat, they are things that I WANT to eat. Can the same be said for my daughter? Nope. Not even close. It has taken some wheeling & dealing for her to even eat a flipping banana. Her list of fruits & veggies that she will eat is not only smaller than that list of those that she won’t, but I can count them on two hands.

I am not one to force her to eat anything. I don’t want her to have a negative outlook when it comes to food, for many reasons that are for a later post. BUT I will use all the fruits and veggies I can in a fun way. What is more fun than bubble wrap? And paint? And PUPPETS?

Fruits and Vegetables Bubble Wrap Puppets. Teach kids about nutrition. Benefits of puppets for kids.

Materials Needed:

This activity was SUPER EASY to put together. I cut the bubble wrap into the shapes of the fruits and vegetables. My daughter painted each piece. After the paint dried, we taped popsicle sticks on the back, added any embellishments necessary (the greenery & stems), and started playing.


Puppet shows are extremely beneficial for kids development. It may seem like simply playing with objects on sticks, but it is so much more than that. Playing with puppets can help:

  • Develop Social Skills by increasing communication skills, allowing for opportunities to create stories and interact with puppets and others involved in the play.
  • Encourage Confidence in Speaking by encouraging thought, not having confrontation of necessarily speaking to an actual person, and increasing emotional development.
  • Develop Motor Skills by handling & moving the puppets.
  • Increase Creativity by encouraging story creation, problem solving, movements, and more.

Puppets are not just for children to use.
Puppets can be used to grab child’s attention, teach children rules or apply a life skill. They can add an element of fun to a situation that many not normally hold a child’s attention.


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