How Kids Can Easily Participate In Helping Their Community

Fire Fighters. Police Officers. Road Crew Workers. Teachers. These are all positions that help the community. They seem ‘big’ compared to us that are just individuals. Although we should feel grateful for what these groups of people do for us and our communities, we can help too. There are so many things that we, as citizens of a community, can do to help the general public and our environment. Teaching kids to do things as they are young can help them become ‘normal’ as they grow up. Here are a few things that I think are important, that I teach my daughter, and hopefully she will grow up doing.

How Kids Can Easily Participate In Helping The Community - Community Service - Kids Helping - Service Projects -


    1. Don’t Litter: 
      Littering makes the world look ugly, dirty, and can be a hazard. I have taught my daughter to keep her garbage in her pocket or hand until she can find a garbage can. It can be helpful to pick up garbage that other people have thrown on the ground too. When I was growing up this wasn’t too much of a risk. Now days, though, there is a risk. You can never know what is in the garbage on the ground. Use your discretion with children and picking up garbage.
    2. Donate:
      There are various ways to donate. Organizations may have food, clothing, or toy drives. Food banks accept food donations. Many homeless shelters or women’s shelters accept donations of clothing, personal care items, and maybe even food. Where I live there are also donation bins in various locations around the community. This includes bins for clothing, books, and toys.
    3. Say Thank You:
      The various people that help around the community may feel as though they have a thankless job. Thank you’s may not be expected but I can’t think of anyone who would turn them away. Kids could make cards, draw pictures, or bake cookies as a thank you. My friend Shannon from Crafty Mama in ME did this recently. See what her & her kids did here.
    4. Recycle:
      The benefits of recycling to a community are numerous. It can be fun for kids to learn how and what to recycle versus throwing away in the garbage. This will help keep a community clean and environmentally friendly.
    5. Visit A Nursing Home or Children’s Hospital:
      Providing service in a community is an excellent way to help. Individuals from the community that are in a nursing home or children’s hospital may appreciate a friendly visit. If visiting is not available sending handmade cards or drawn pictures is a great alternative.
    6. Fly A Flag:
      Flying a flag is significant in many ways. It is unifying for the community as well as our country as a whole. Teaching children the significance of this is important. There are a few books that I think portray the importance and help teach kids: Why Are There Stripes On The American Flag? & F is for Flag
    7. 7. Box Tops For Education: Most schools collect Box Tops for Education. Even if your child is not in school right now, it can be fun to collect and deliver. Doing this is helping schools raise money they so desperately need. Education for children is one of the most important ways a community is planning for the future, schools need to be taken care of!
    8. Send Letters Or Care Packages To Soldiers:
      There are 1000’s of soldiers that are deployed over seas. Letters and care packages mean more to them that we really understand. If staying with in your exact community is desired, check with closest National Guard base. If this is not necessary, there are many programs that help connect civilians to soldiers. You can read more information about this here.


Helping in the community does not have to be difficult, but it is so important. Helping people is one of the most rewarding things we as humans can do. We’d love to hear your ideas on how you help in the community. Leave us a comment below, on Facebook or Instagram.
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