Crinkled Paper Painting: A Fall Tree 3

Painting is one of my all time favorite creative outlets. There have been many evenings I’ve spent binge watching Netflix, sitting on the living room floor with a canvas in front of me and bottles of paint spread around. It’s relaxing, fun, and I have made many gifts and pieces of decor for our home. My daughter enjoys painting as well. We try and find different ways to paint, besides paint brushes. We’ve painted with flip flops, bouncy balls, puffy paint, and even toy cars. Crinkled Paper Painting is just as fun as the other activities.

Crinkled Paper Painted Fall Tree

This craft was fun from start to finish. My daughter, like many other kids, loves to crinkle up paper. The joy of destroying something and mom isn’t going to get mad is priceless, right? That’s exactly how this craft started, we crumpled up paper.

Fall Craft for Kids

Materials Needed for Crinkled Paper Painting: 

Construction paper
Paper Plate
Washable Kids Paint: Brown, Yellow, Orange

Crinkled Paper Painting Fall Tree

How To: 

We started by crinkling up three pieces of paper.
I poured out three colors of paint: brown, yellow, and orange – Fall Colors.
Next, I turned a paper plate upside down.
We dipped one piece of crinkled paper per color.
We used the motion of sponge painting, dipped the paper into the paint and blotted it onto the paper plate.
I cut a tree trunk out of brown construction paper and we glued it to the non painted side of the paper plate.

After the paint dried we hung our newly painted fall trees on the wall. They are beautiful decorations for the whole autumn season!

Fall Tree Craft

Each paper plate turns out different. It depends on how much paint is used, how hard or soft the crinkled paper is pushed onto the paper plate, and the variance of where you place each color.

Each tree that we made looked beautiful and individual.

Do you love Fall like we do? What special traditions or crafts do you do with your kids?

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