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Growing up I lived in the Pacific Northwest. Besides the fact that we within 5 minutes of a large body of water, no matter where we were, the trees and mountains were perfect for camping. We would go to Mt. Rainier or the pacific coast. No matter where we went, there was a good chance, at least one night it would be raining. It didn’t let it stop us, though. That’s what tarps are for, right? We’d huddle up under the tarp or in the tent and tell ghost stories or play games. We’d spend the day exploring trails or collecting seashells, depending on where we were. Needless to say, camping was a major part of my childhood, so introducing it to my daughter is important to me. Even if the only introduction we’ve done so far is a camping craft.

Create A Camping Craft With Shape Exploration is a fun and exploration activity for preschoolers.


When my daughter was younger it was easy to teach her about shapes. We used puzzles, books, pointed out shapes in our environment, and more. Now that she knows the simple shapes by heart, I had to step up my game for shape activities.

Create A Camping Craft: Shape Exploration 

Construction Paper
Glue (Optional)

Create A Camping Craft With Shape Exploration is a fun and exploration activity for preschoolers.

Shapes Needed:

Triangle: Flames of Fire, Tent, Tree Tops
Rectangle: Grass/Ground
Rounded Rectangles: Logs For Fire
Crescent Moon: Moon


How To:

For this activity, I cut out the shapes and let my daughter play with them. She moved them around a bunch of different times. Laughing as she put the moon inside the tent and the flames in the sky.

I didn’t teach any lesson, per say, or give her any instructions besides have fun. Move them around and see what you can create.

She enjoyed playing and exploring the shapes and I enjoyed listening to her stories and her giggles.

Do you have a favorite camping craft?
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