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We think our daughter is super smart. Biased or not, I think she is. She knows her ABC’s and 123’s, but she also has a love for football. That’s true smart, right? (he he) Her favorite player is TY Hilton, #13 for the Indianapolis Colts. She has his jersey, gets excited to dress up in ‘football clothes’ every Sunday (or Monday, or Thursday, or Saturday..all depending on when the Colts play). She hasn’t quite learned the ins and outs of football yet, but she will sit and watch with us! It’s adorable. To help get her more involved in our Football Sunday traditions, we make a few decorations that she can make pretty much all on her own. This Football Wreath is one that she pretty much made all on her own.

Easy Paper Football Wreath Craft For Kids. Excellent Superbowl or Preschool Craft

Supplies for Easy Football Wreath: 

Paper Plate
Green & Brown Construction Paper
Glue Stick
White Marker or Colored Pencil

How To: 

I started by handing the green construction paper to my daughter and told her to cut strips and then cut them into squares. It was great scissor practice for her because it isn’t something that necessarily has to be perfect. In all reality, the more dimension and random sizes of the squares, the better it looks!

I cut the center out of a paper plate so that just the outer ring remained.

When the green construction paper squares were all cut, she glued them onto the paper plate ring with glue stick.
I feel like especially in this instance, glue sticks work better than white glue because the squares won’t slide.

I cut out the footballs, from the brown construction paper, and drew on the white embellishments of the football.

When all the green squares were glued on, we glued on the footballs.

Easy Paper Football Wreath Craft For Kids. Excellent Superbowl or Preschool Craft

She was so excited to be able to hang up her football wreath and of course asked ‘how many days until football?’.

It makes me so happy that my daughter has a love for football like her parents do!

Do you have a favorite football activity or craft that you do with your kids? Please share with us on Instagram.
We’d love to see other kids who love football too!

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