Fall Leaves Printable Play Dough Mat Pack

Play dough is one activity that everyone in our house enjoys. Sometimes we set up a table in the middle of the living room, put on a movie, and play with play dough together. It’s also usually out when football is on. Mom and Dad are wanting to watch football and play dough keeps our daughter content for a good amount of time during the game. We make our own play dough and have play dough tools, but my daughter also enjoys play dough mats.

Apples to me are the beginning of Fall. I love apples when its starting to feel like Fall (emotionally mostly, it’s still 80 degrees out), but when it’s still too early for Pumpkins.

{Free} Fall Leaves Printable Play Dough Mats

This fall leaves play dough mat set includes letters, plain leaves, a tree that can be adorned with whatever leaves the child is feeling at the time, a basket full of apples, and  an apple tree that is waiting for apples.

Download Here: Fall Leaves Printable Play Dough Mats – Play Dough & Popsicles



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