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I grew up on the West Coast where corn was just corn. I enjoyed a good piece of corn on the cob, but that’s all it was. Corn. Fast forward, we’ll say 20 years, and now I live in the Mid West. Corn is not just corn. It’s sweet corn. It’s the symbol of summer. There are fantastic sweet corn potato chips, there are corn fields every where, and cobs of corn at every BBQ. It’s fun to watch the different steps of growing and harvesting the corn over the season. We took it a step farther and made this Paper Plate & Corn Kernel Fall Tree Craft. 

A paper plate fall tree craft decorated with corn kernels.
Watching The Process

It is fun to watch the process of growing and harvesting the corn. I’m not a farmer, so I don’t know the terminology, but we like to watch. While the farmers are preparing the ground and planting the seeds. Then watching the corn grow from small to reach what is said to be ‘knee high by the Fourth of July’. Then to see farmers selling it at Farmer’s Markets or in trucks on the side of the road. Nothing beats fresh sweet corn. Don’t believe me? Try It!

A paper plate fall tree craft decorated with corn kernels.

Paper Plate & Corn Kernel Craft

Of all the fall leaves, my favorite are the golden yellow. They seem so warm, like the sun. That is what lead me to using corn kernels as fall leaves. They are golden yellow. I was making popcorn one night and thought how perfect they would be! Last week we made this Crinkled Paper Painting: A Fall TreeIt was the perfect back drop for

Supplies Needed

Corn Kernels
Paper Plate
Brown Construction Paper
White Glue
Scrap Paper
Washable Paint: Yellow, Orange, Brown

A paper plate fall tree craft decorated with corn kernels.

How To

We started by making the paper plate tree and painting it with crinkled paper. You can see the full tutorial for that here. 

The next step is to glue on the corn kernels. You can buy a bag of them at the grocery store or on Amazon here. What you don’t use can be made into delicious popcorn!

We started with dots of glue, but that seemed to be taking forever and my daughter was loosing interest, fast! So I took the glue and we smeared it across the whole painted paper plate.

We poured corn kernels onto the table.
We flipped the paper plate around, glue side down and pushed it against the corn kernels.

I was half expecting the kernels to fall off, but they didn’t.

It was so pretty. Shiny pieces of golden yellow kernels.

A paper plate fall tree craft decorated with corn kernels.


Fall is fabulous. Full of changing leaves, harvesting produce, apples, pumpkins..and corn!
It’s a beautiful time of year and even more beautiful with crafts like this!


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