Tape Resistant Painted Football Craft

Football season has begun. It is the time of year that my family waits the rest of the year for. As soon as the Superbowl is over, we’re counting down to the next August when football starts again. Do we have a problem? I don’t think so! My daughter and I wait all year to make fun football crafts like this Tape Resistant Painted Football Craft.

Tape Resist Painted Football Craft For Kids. This adorable craft is painted with fingerprints for a perfect football or Superbowl Craft.

My daughter was so surprised at how the laces remained white while the football turned brown, all because of tape and paint. It was fun to see her reaction to ripping off the tape! See Fun Handprint Art Blog for the full tutorial.

You may also like this Fall Football Tree Craft or Football WreathAll three of these crafts are perfect for football season kick off or as Superbowl Crafts.

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