Spooky Footprint Haunted House Craft

The spook of Halloween is mysteriously fun. We have fun decorating the house with pumpkins, ghosts, and skeletons. Things that glow, things that ooze, or things that say BOO. Some things can be downright scary, which I’m not into, but the cute scary stuff is fun.

Spooky Footprint Haunted House Craft For Kids. A Perfect Halloween Preschool Craft.

Footprint Haunted House

We made this haunted house using my daughter’s footprints. How sweet is that? In a couple years when her feet are as big as mine, I will dream of my sweet little pumpkin and her sweet little feet.

Supplies Needed

Construction Paper: Black, Yellow, Orange, & White
Black Marker

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How We Made It

I traced my daughter’s footprint onto a piece of black construction paper, two times.
I then cut them out.
Next I cut out all of the parts: windows, door, ghost, moon, bats, and pumpkins.
I drew faces on the pumpkins and ghost, added lines to the windows, and a door knob on the door.

I gave the pieces to my daughter and let her ‘build’ the haunted house.

She was so proud that her feet created the house and she ‘built’ a haunted house all on her own.


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