Alphabet Soup Sensory Bin

Fall & Winter are soup seasons, right? It’s cold outside and a bowl of hot soup will warm you right up! I like mine filled with vegetables, chicken or beef, and a nice tasty broth. With a slice of fresh french bread to dip in the soup too! Yum. That is my kind of soup but not the kind of soup in this sensory bin.

This sensory bin is the complete opposite, actually. It will not give you a warm and toasty feeling, it will will make your fingers cold.Winter ABC Soup Sensory Bin. A Super Fun Preschool or Elementary Activity

Alphabet Soup Sensory Bin

Water and Ice

Winter ABC Soup Sensory Bin. A Super Fun Preschool or Elementary Activity

We used a plastic container and filled it with water and an entire tray of ice cubes. I wanted to make it super chilly for her so it felt like outside during Fall and Winter. It might sound weird at first, but have you done a sensory bin with ice cubes before? It is actually quite fun. With the chunky ice cubes clanking together and sloshing around in the water, it’s pretty darn cool.

Alphabet Letters


We added alphabet letters next. We used these kind. She used a plastic ladle from her kitchen set to scoop, stir and search for the ABCs in the ‘soup’.

We even played a little game or a ‘challenge’ as she likes to call them. Scoop as many letters out as you can at one time, lay them out, see if you can spell a word. If you can you get a point. If not, put the letters back in the ‘soup’ and try again. That was pretty fun.


Winter ABC Soup Sensory Bin. A Super Fun Preschool or Elementary Activity

Let It Snow

Winter is not winter without at least a little snow. It’s not cold enough for real snow, yet, so we decided to mimic the snow and use shaving cream. She went a little hog wild because she is obsessed with playing in shaving cream.

At this point I sat back and let her do her thing. She scooped, stirred, scooped some more.

Winter ABC Soup Sensory Bin. A Super Fun Preschool or Elementary Activity


Clean UP

Thankfully I started this activity out on a disposable table cloth. The ‘soup’ did spill over a couple times especially after the ‘snow’ showed up. Instead of freaking out, I dumped out the bin of soup and tossed the table cloth in the trash. The shaving cream washed right out and our mess was completely cleaned in less than 1 minute!

Do you have a favorite sensory bin? A favorite activity with shaving cream? Share with us on Instagram or Facebook.


Free Unity Study Cover Image

This week for Free Unit Study group our topic is SOUP. Some people have shared books, recipes, other ABC activities and more. This was fun for us, so I’m sure combining a few of these activities together can make for a ‘SOUP’er Fun Day! (Oh geez, I know!)

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