{Printable} Snowflake Simple Addition Matching Game (For 1-10)

My mom is a lover of knowledge. She has worked in libraries and if she could she would live in one. She looks up anything that she doesn’t know the answer to or is curious about. It used to annoy me so much when I was growing up. If I asked her a question and she didn’t know the answer she would look it up. Guess what? Now I’m exactly the same way, especially if my daughter asks me a question and I don’t know the answer. I feel like it is my duty to give her the answers she is looking for.

What I love, though, is that my daughter doesn’t get annoyed by it. She’s only 4 so she doesn’t get annoyed with me much, YET. Still, it is fun to Google answers or watch you tube videos to find out answers. She is a knowledge hoarder also. She LOVES learning. She gets excited when she is sent home with homework or when I create new printable worksheets or games for her. I love her enthusiasm about it and the look on her face when she gets something right! I just love it.

Snowflake Simple Addition Matching Game {Free Printable} Excellent preschool game for fun learning.

This Snowflake Simple Addition Matching Game is something we haven’t done before and it’s not going to be SUPER easy for her. Which I want. I want to give her a challenge. Something that may take her a few seconds to figure out. Her demeanor when she is figuring something out is adorable, it’s almost like you can see the wheels in her head actually turning.

How To Play

First I printed the game pieces out onto scrapbook paper. I did this so that it could be decorated on the back side (the side you see mostly when you’re playing) and not just plain white.

Next, cut the game pieces out by cutting along the lines. By doing this you will end up with all of the game pieces separate from each other.

I laminated ours with this lamination machine and these lamiantion pouches to extend the life of the game. If not it would be ruined before we finished playing round one.

After they are all cut out and separated, put them face down (snowflake side up). We put ours in rows so that it is easier to find matches.

We always play Paper – Rock – Scissors to see who goes first. My daughter always chooses scissors, so it’s usually up to me if I want to go first or let her. Ha.

When it is your turn, you can turn over two pieces. If they are a match, start a pile in front of you and your turn is over. (What is a match? Read below)

If you did not get a match, turn the cards face down in the spots that you pulled them from and your turn is over.

Continue playing, taking turns, until all of the matches are found.

What is a Match?

In this game it takes simple math skills to see if you have a match or not. On one set of cards you see snowflakes, each card has a different number of snowflakes.

On the other cards there are equations. The answer to the equations is the snowflakes.
So if you pick up a card with 2+5 and your snowflake card has 7 snowflakes, you got a match.
If you pick one card that has 4+4 and the other has 7 snowflakes you do not have a match.
Also, if you pick two snowflake cards or two equation cards you do not have a match.

Sweet huh? My daughter LOVES matching games, so adding math to it will still be fun for her but she will be practicing addition as well.

You can download & print Snowflake Simple Addition Matching Game here. 


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