Fun Elf on the Shelf Stationary Printable Set

Christmas is so magical. With Santa, snow, glistening lights, and the Elf that sits on a shelf & causes mischief the whole season long. It’s exciting to have childhood memories of the delight that the season brings but it is even better to relive it all over again through my daughter. She completely believes in the magic that is Christmas and Santa and I swear there is an extra twinkle or two in her eye come December.

My sister and I always kicked off the Christmas season on Thanksgiving. After the celebrations of the day were complete, we would sit with the big stack of ads that came in the newspaper that day. We’d begin researching, circling, highlighting and making our list to Santa. Even when our belief wavered slightly, we still wrote lists to Santa.

Free Printable Elf on the Shelf Welcome & Goodbye Letters + More Elf On The Shelf Printables

With my daughter, we kick off the Christmas season by making a list too, but instead it’s a list of mischief our Elf on a Shelf, Rosie, is going to get into. Toothpaste messages on the mirror, marshmallow snow ball fights, and my favorite the zip line across the hallway. I always have good intentions. We watch the Elf on the Shelf Movie (The Elf’s Story) and plan to do something super exciting every day. It has yet to happen.
This year is going to be different! 

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New Traditions

We’re going to start something new this year. I got the idea from my friend over at Crafty Mama in ME. She does a Welcome Breakfast and I LOVE the idea!



Then every day our elf, Rosie, will get into some sort of magical event. Sometimes it may be showing kindness to my daughter, some days it might be a little mischief, and we have note cards (like the elf has it’s own letter head). Other days it’ll be an activity for our daughter to do like write a letter to Santa, make wishlist, etc.

 Elf On The Shelf Printables

I created this Elf on the Shelf Stationary Printable Set so that all the correspondence between the elf and my daughter can look similar. This printable pack includes:

Welcome Letter (Boy & Girl Elf)
Goodbye Letter (Boy & Girl Elf)
Letter To Santa
Elf On A Shelf Planning Calendar
Notes From Elf (Boy & Girl Elf)

Download & Print Elf on the Shelf Letter Set Here



Each morning I will post our Elf Update on Instagram. Rosie usually arrives to our house on my daughter’s birthday, which is around Thanksgiving. So keep checking my Instagram and see what our Elf is up to!

Elf On A Shelf 9 Page Printable Pack. Includes: Welcome & Goodbye Letters, Note Cards, Dear Santa Letter, Wish List, and Planning Calendar (for Mom and Dad).




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