My Favorite Children’s Books About Snow

Snow is purely magical. I absolutely love when it’s snowing at night. It’s so quiet and peaceful. For children, though, it’s not about serene glitter falling from the sky. It’s about snowball fights, snow men, and snow forts. Which is fun too!

Our Favorite Books About Snow. Great list for a snow unit study, classroom or to build your home library.

These books are our favorites! They are perfect companions to story time when it’s too cold to play outside, or if you live in an area where it doesn’t snow too much. Grab a couple of these books, a mug of hot chocolate and cuddle up with your little one for story time. It’s about to get snowy!

The Snowy Day
Snowmen at Night
The Gruffalo’s Child
The Jacket I Wear In The Snow


Who Grows Up In The Snow?
It’s Cold Outside
Cliffords First Snow
Marley: Snow Dog



These books are prefect for Winter unit studies, story time in class, or just reading with your kids. Whether it’s already snowing or Winter is on it’s way, there’s never a bad time to read about snow!


Books are an excellent way to spend the holidays. We found our favorites about snow, but there are more lists. To see other topics check out these from other bloggers.


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