Earth Day Inspired Pressed Tissue Paper Art

Do you ever have a craft that you intend to go one way, but it goes completely a different way? That is what happened with us yesterday. I wanted to try one tissue paper craft but it didn’t work, but then it led us to what we created and I LOVE the final result. This Earth Day craft turned more into an earth than the previous idea may have!

Pressed Tissue Paper Earth Day Craft For Kids

I don’t remember ‘celebrating’ Earth Day as a child. Either we didn’t or it did not stand out to me. Probably the latter and in that case, I want it to stand out to my daughter. I want to teach my daughter that doing your part to protect our home can be as simple as turning off running water, turning lights off when you leave a room, or recycling. Clearly it is much more complicated than that, but I wouldn’t give my 5 year old the gruesome details.

So while we talked about how she can help save the earth, we made this fun Earth Day inspired craft.

Supplies Needed:

Blue & Green Tissue Paper
White Cardstock (At least 3 pieces per person)
Spray Bottle & Water

Pressed Tissue Paper Earth Day Craft For Kids

How We made It:

We started out by crinkling strips of tissue paper and placing them on the card stock, on top of a cookie sheet.

The next step was fun: take the spray bottle and get all of the tissue paper crumbled pieces wet.

Next press a second piece of cardstock on top of the damp tissue paper. Press down firmly for a few minutes.

Then you want the tissue paper to dry. You can leave it over night or use a hair dryer to push the process along.

I did both and it worked out great.

When the tissue paper is dry, you can take the pressed pieces and glue them into the circle to form the earth. Cut them to fit if needed.

When it’s all glued you’ll have a pressed tissue paper Earth, perfect timing for


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