Cute Beaded Carrots For Spring

It’s almost Spring! We’ve had a few days where it feels like Spring but that was just Mother Nature playing tricks because it got cold again. WHO DOES THAT? Inside our house though we’re in full Spring mode. We’ve done a few rainbow crafts and clover crafts but my daughter wouldn’t mind skipping right over St. Patrick’s Day and heading to Easter. I think it’s her favorite holiday because she can go on a hunt for eggs. Whatever the reason, it’s a fun holiday for me to because the decorations are just so dang cute! Like these Beaded Carrots we made.

Beaded Carrots: Spring Fine Motor Craft. A fun craft for Easter in the classroom or at home.

Cute Beaded Carrots For Spring

It seems for every holiday, each year I am obsessed with something different. Last year I loved eggs, I’ve focused on bunnies, of course, but for some reason this year I am obsessed with CARROTS. I have seen some super cute carrot crafts around and I just love them.

Supplies Used

Orange Pony Beads
Green Fuzzy Sticks

How We Made Them

I took a green fuzzy stick and started to bend it, at the halfway mark.

I handed that over to my daughter for her to string orange beads on both sides of the fold.

When each side was about 3/4 of the way full I bent a little more, slid the beads over to create the top of the carrot. Then I had her twist the remaining fuzzy stick and it created the greens.

It was that simple. And how stinking cute are they? 

I am going to add it to a string and create a banner with them.

Beaded Carrots: Spring Fine Motor Craft. A fun craft for Easter in the classroom or at home.

Simple Craft + Skill Practice

I love how easy they were to make but they have so much development comes into play. Clearly this is a great activity for fine motor skill practice. It was also a great time to talk about gardening and how plants grow. We also had a simple discussion about primary and secondary colors, since green and orange are both secondary colors.


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