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5 Subscription Boxes For Kids
Do you like getting mail? I’m not talking about the type that you have to turn around and send money to. I’m talking about fun mail. Happy letters or boxes full of fun? It’s so fun. So whoever came up with the idea of a subscription box gets a thumbs […]

Subscription Boxes For Kids

Winter ABC Soup Sensory Bin. A Super Fun Preschool or Elementary Activity
Fall & Winter are soup seasons, right? It’s cold outside and a bowl of hot soup will warm you right up! I like mine filled with vegetables, chicken or beef, and a nice tasty broth. With a slice of fresh french bread to dip in the soup too! Yum. That […]

Alphabet Soup Sensory Bin

Squish it. Mold it. Roll it. Cut it. Press It. Build With It. Mix It. The possibilities are practically endless. Is that what the scientists were hoping for when they made Play-Doh? If not, they underestimated their creation. Play-Doh is a marvelous tool for learning, building muscles, and exploring creativity. […]

Our Favorite Ideas & Benefits of Play Doh

Back to school can be a time full of emotions: anxiety, excitement, fear, dread, happiness, etc. Especially if it is the child’s first year going to school. My daughter is starting preschool for the first time this year and I’ll tell you I’m full of emotions: anxiety, excitement, fear, dread, […]

Best Back To School Books For Kids